Your K-9 Partner - Protected with

Made by  Black Armor



K-9  Partner  

Most popular with law enforcement agencies across the country.

The K-9 Partner Vest comes in  NIJ level 2 protection with Stab Protection,   stops rounds most frequently found on the streets today. 
 The vest is manufactured with Twaron
   high quality
ballistic / Stab protection  and comes with a removable nylon outer carrier.  

Unique design to insure a proper fit.  The vest are a three piece design with adjustable Velcro & elastic straps at the shoulders and girth of the dog. NO MEASUREMENTS NEEDED these vest will fit most size police dog.

Available Colors:   black, navy, and olive green

This vest  is  relatively lightweight  -  provides comfort, mobility and maximum protection in its class.

2 in one:  Ballistic Protection  &  Stab Protection

It is only Available in ballistic protection Level  II 
see chart  with Stab Protection against knives and other sharp objects.

Accessories :  Police Patch  (upon request)

  • Panels wrap for maximum coverage including side 
    ballistic / Stab  protection  (Level II). 
    see chart

K-9  Partner ------------------------- K9-1000

                  Protection Level